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Theft with violence

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What is theft by force?

When violence is used or threatened in a theft, this is punished more severely than a "simple theft. Although the average citizen speaks of a "robbery," the law speaks of theft by force. This occurs if the violence (or threat of it) was used to make the theft possible. The law makes no requirements as to the severity of the violence. Thus, a single jerk or push, without significant injury, may be sufficient to result in a conviction. This applies equally to the threat of a weapon.

What punishment can you face for theft by force?

Theft by force is considered the most serious form of theft. The court can therefore impose a sentence of nine years in prison. If punitive aggravating circumstances are added to this, such as serious bodily injury or death, it can be up to 15 years in prison. The expected sentence depends very much on the circumstances in your criminal case. Factors that a judge considers are at least the type of violence and the injuries sustained. To make a good assessment of the relevant factors, you can contact contact one of our lawyers.

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What is the difference between theft by force and extortion?

The difference between theft by force and extortion is small. A thief will take the good away. The perpetrator of extortion forces the other person to hand over the good. To clarify, the person who takes money from the cash register during an armed robbery is guilty of theft by force. The person who forces the store clerk at gunpoint to hand over the money is guilty of extortion. The law assigns the same maximum penalty to both offenses.

Why hire a lawyer if you are suspected of theft by force?

Because this is a serious offense, you risk a long prison sentence. This can have major consequences for your future. Our lawyers specialize in this type of crime. We know better than anyone else what the best defense strategy is in your criminal case. Your lawyer will find out whether an acquittal may be possible in your criminal case. Also, special circumstances in your case may come into play that may result in a lower sentence. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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