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Are you looking for a skilled criminal lawyer in the field of extortion? Weening Criminal Lawyers is a law firm that handles extortion criminal law cases. Are you suspected of racketeering criminal law cases? Engage Weening Criminal Lawyers for an expert criminal law attorney. We handle the following topics:

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When is extortion?

A perpetrator of extortion aims to benefit himself. To achieve this goal, he applies or threatens violence. As a result, another person is forced to surrender property or share data, for example. A person can also be forced to take on a debt or, on the contrary, cancel debts. The person who forces another person to surrender his telephone at gunpoint is guilty of extortion. This also applies to one who forces another to pay a sum of money by threatening to kill him, for example through an anonymous threatening letter. Extortion is also popularly known as "blackmail.

What punishment can you face for extortion?

In cases of extortion, a criminal court may proceed to nine years in prison. It is therefore wise to seek legal advice from an expert. One of our lawyers can find out for you whether there is sufficient evidence against you. We can also advise you on the best defense strategy.

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What is the difference between extortion and theft by force?

The difference between theft by force and extortion is small. The one guilty of theft will take away the good. The perpetrator of extortion will force the other person to surrender the good. To illustrate, the person who takes money from the cash register during an armed robbery is guilty of theft by force. The person who forces the cashier at gunpoint to hand over the money is guilty of extortion. The law assigns the same maximum penalty to both offenses.

Why is it wise to hire a lawyer if you are suspected of extortion?

If you are suspected of extortion, you risk a long prison sentence. This could affect the rest of your life. You would be wise to seek expert advice. Your attorney will look for the best defense strategy based on your criminal record. There may even be an acquittal lurking in your criminal case. Our attorneys specialize in these types of criminal cases. You may at any time, without obligation contact contact us to discuss options.

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