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Our fees depend on the nature and scope of the criminal case. The following options may be considered:


If your income is below a certain income limit falls or if your pre-trial detention has been ordered, you may be eligible for the addition of a lawyer. Colloquially, this funded legal aid is also called pro bono lawyer. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

hourly rate

You pay an advance (each time) and will be billed based on an hourly rate that in principle varies between € 200 and € 400 excluding VAT.

Fixed price agreement

You pay one flat fee upfront that covers all work. You then have no uncertainty about the amount of the final fee due. For a police court case we then in principle apply a fixed rate of € 1000, - excluding VAT and without travel time. For a criminal case at the multiple criminal chamber we will gladly make an appropriate price arrangement with you.

Results-based hourly rate

You agree with the lawyer on a fee for a favorable result and a lower fee if the result should be disappointing. Note that this is not a "no cure, no pay" agreement.

We also work on the basis of High Trust, the main basis for cooperation between Council and Legal Aid providers: