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Are you perhaps in the region of Hoensbroek, Utrecht or Maastricht looking for an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer to assist you in your criminal case? Then you have come to the right place! We understand how stressful and confusing a criminal case can be, which is why we are happy to offer you the legal support and guidance you need.

Our criminal lawyers have years of experience defending our clients' rights in criminal cases. We are always available to carefully analyze your case and provide you with expert advice on the best strategy to achieve a successful outcome.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your case and see how we can help you with your specific case. Our team of dedicated professionals will do everything they can to help you approach your case with confidence.

Do you need a criminal lawyer urgently?

Due to the size of our office, it is possible to be contacted by a criminal lawyer 24 hours a day in case of emergency. Urgent cases include a search or seizure of your company by the police or the FIOD or an arrest by an investigative agency.

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We also work on the basis of subsidized legal aid, better known as a pro bono lawyer. Whether you qualify for subsidized legal aid depends on your income and assets from two years ago. This is the basis on which an application for subsidized legal aid is assessed. If you qualify for subsidized legal aid, you will pay a (small) own contribution. In certain cases, you can get this own contribution (back) under special assistance.

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Our lawyers provide legal assistance throughout the Netherlands. Our lawyers are members of the Dutch Bar Association and the quality association: the Dutch Association of Criminal Lawyers.

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Weening Criminal Lawyers is a young and dynamic law firm distinguished by commitment and drive. Partly due to the criminal law background of the lawyers, the firm guarantees a thorough defense time and again.

Mr. Weening has years of experience in the criminal law practice. He began his career with Mr. Max Moszkowicz Sr. As the last intern of the great master, he laid the foundation for the current firm in 2004. Over time, the office has been strengthened with lawyers who all subscribe to the office vision. A vision in which the client's interests come first, both inside and outside the courtroom. Currently, 10 lawyers part of the law firm Weening Criminal Lawyers specializing in criminal law.

The firm deals exclusively with criminal cases, keeping abreast of the latest developments in criminal law. Cases are discussed by the handling attorney with the office colleagues during weekly office meetings. As a result, our clients' interests are represented not only by a competent attorney, but by an expert team of criminal lawyers. The office is involved in high-profile criminal cases, but whether you are suspected of bicycle theft or murder, we see the importance of a good defense in every case.

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Our criminal lawyers specialize in all aspects of criminal law and serve both individuals and businesses. Here are some examples of the expertise Weening Criminal Lawyers offer.

Criminal organization attorney

A criminal organization is a group of people who commit crimes together.

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Theft attorney

Having something stolen or broken into without threat or violence may be a petty crime.

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Drugs attorney

Drug possession is prohibited for both soft and hard drugs. Trading, manufacturing and smuggling are also prohibited.

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Economic criminal law attorney

This refers to the offenses listed in the Economic Offenses Act (WED).

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Criminal tax law attorney

For serious irregularities such as fraud, fiscal criminal law may apply.

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Fraud and money laundering attorney

Money laundering is hiding the illegal origin of money from various types of fraud.

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Violence attorney

Public violence is group violence against persons or property.

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Human Trafficking attorney

Exploitation of people for personal gain through coercion, fraud, deception, violence or abuse of power.

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Murder & Manslaughter attorney

Murder is the intentional deprivation of someone's life with premeditation. Otherwise, it is manslaughter.

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Corporate Criminal Law attorney

Criminal cases for corporations and their employees, environmental criminal cases, tax and fraud and corruption cases.

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Terrorism attorney

Terrorist crimes are crimes committed with a terrorist intent.

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Expression crimes attorney

Offenses such as verbal insults, incitement to hatred and discrimination, incitement to violence, etc.

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Traffic Criminal Law attorney

Serious traffic and speed violations can have criminal consequences.

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Weapons & ammunition attorney

Prohibits possession of certain weapons, including carrying, manufacturing and transferring them.

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Vice attorney

Sexual abuse, child abuse and preparatory acts, are forms of crimes.

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As a criminal law firm, we work throughout the Netherlands. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in criminal law Rotterdam or a criminal lawyer in Amsterdam? We are a flexible criminal law firm.

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