Weening criminal defence lawyers, is a young dynamic law firm in which commitment and passion mark the difference. Over and over again, the wealth of experience of our lawyers in the field of criminal litigation has ensured solid defences.

S. Weening LL.M. has a long standing experience in criminal proceedings. In 2004, he started his career as the last intern at the office of the great master Max Moszkowicz sr. LL.M. At his firm, he laid the basis for his own actual law firm. In the course of time, Weening’s staff was complemented with lawyers that are committed to the firm’s mission. In this vision, the client’s interests are paramount both in and outside of the court room. Currently, the staff at Weening criminal defence lawyers, consists of 7 lawyers, all experts in criminal law.

The firm exclusively focuses on criminal proceedings and therefore the staff’s expertise in the field of criminal proceedings and the latest developments, is continuously updated. In the weekly meetings, cases are discussed amongst the staff members. Ensuring in this way, that the client’s interests are not only looked after by the competent lawyer in charge of the case, but also consulted with the expert team of criminal defence lawyers. The firm is representing parties in high-profile criminal cases. Whether you are a suspect of a bicycle theft or a murder, Weening criminal defence lawyers is committed to an excellent defence, regardless the case.

Weening criminal defence lawyers provides legal assistance throughout the Netherlands.


  • In case of emergency

    Urgent case? Criminal defence lawyers 24 /7
    In case of an emergency you can always contact a criminal defence lawyer around the clock, thanks to the size of our firm. Whenever, for example, a search is conducted either at your home or company by the police or the FIOD, the Dutch anti-fraud agency, or you are arrested by an investigating service, this qualifies as an emergency.

  • Public defender

    Onze strafrechtadvocaten werken ook op basis van gesubsidieerde rechtsbijstand, beter bekend als een pro deo advocaat. Of u in aanmerking komt voor gesubsidieerde rechtsbijstand is afhankelijk van uw inkomen en vermogen van twee jaar geleden. Dat is de basis waarop een aanvraag voor gesubsidieerde rechtsbijstand wordt beoordeeld. Indien u voor gesubsidieerde rechtsbijstand in aanmerking komt, betaalt u een (geringe) eigen bijdrage. In bepaalde gevallen kunt u die eigen bijdrage (terug) krijgen in het kader van bijzondere bijstand.

  • Throughout the Netherlands

    De advocaten van Weening Strafrechtadvocaten verlenen rechtsbijstand door heel Nederland. Onze advocaten zijn aangesloten bij de Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten en bij de kwaliteitsvereniging voor strafrechtadvocaten: de Nederlandse Vereniging van Strafrechtadvocaten.