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" An eye for detail can be all-important. "

After the atheneum in Sittard, Ms. Bo te Baerts studied Dutch Law at the University of Maastricht. During her bachelor she demonstrated her pleading skills by winning the National Requisition Competition. With a cum laude marks list for both the Master Criminal Law and the Master Private Law, she has broad legal knowledge.

During her studies, Bo te Baerts gained practical experience in a variety of fields. For example, she served on the board of the law school for two years. Furthermore, Mr. Te Baerts participated in Summercourt, a master class by the judiciary, the Public Prosecution Service and the police, intended for a select group of talented students. In addition to an internship at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Maastricht and Amsterdam, she has done internships at law firms in the Netherlands and abroad. This diverse experience allows her to include different perspectives in her legal advice.

After her student internship with Weening Criminal Lawyers, she was offered a job while still in college.

Over the years, Bo te Baerts has served as a criminal lawyer has been involved in several major criminal cases throughout the Netherlands. She now has extensive experience defending defendants in violent cases, including homicide.

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Bo te Baerts has registered the following main (and sub) areas of law in the Register of Jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association:

Criminal Law

By virtue of this registration, he is required to obtain ten training points in each registered principal area of law each calendar year according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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