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In these general terms and conditions, the following terms are used in the following meanings unless expressly stated otherwise.

Last modified on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021.

  1. These general conditions apply to all services of Weening strafrechtadvocaten B.V., hereinafter referred to as: the firm.
  2. All assignments shall, setting aside the Article 7:404 Civil Code, be accepted and carried out exclusively by the firm, even if it is the express or implied intention that an assignment shall be carried out by a specific person.
  3. Notwithstanding Section 7: 408 (2) of the Dutch Civil Code, the firm is entitled, in compliance with the Rules of Conduct for Lawyers, to terminate an assignment at any time, without becoming liable for damages. These general conditions are for the benefit of those working for the partnership.
  4. Any liability of the firm shall be limited to the amount paid in the relevant case under the professional liability insurance policy taken out by the firm.
  5. The client shall indemnify the firm against all claims by third parties (including witnesses and experts), including the costs to be incurred by the firm in connection therewith, which are in any way connected with the work performed for the client. When engaging third parties, the firm shall, if reasonably possible, consult with the client in advance, and in any event exercise due care when selecting third parties. The firm is not liable for shortcomings of these third parties. The client agrees that the firm accepts limitation of liability clauses.
  6. Upon termination of work for the client, the firm shall, to the extent possible, return the client's documents and any court documents by regular mail and archive the file. The firm reserves the right to destroy archived files in compliance with the relevant regulations five years after archiving.
  7. With due observance of the Regulation on Publicity of the Dutch Bar Association, the firm is free to cooperate with publicity about a case without further consultation with due observance of the client's privacy. This freedom also exists after termination of the case, on the understanding that this takes place in consultation with the client as much as possible. Insofar as cooperation is given to publicity without this taking place in the context of advocacy, the firm is free to do so provided the client's interests are not harmed.
  8. The office is free, if necessary, to make substitution arrangements among itself for court appearances.
  9. Client complaints must first be handled through the internal complaint procedure of Weening Strafrechtadvocaten B.V., as described in Article 5 of the complaints procedure of Weening Strafrechtadvocaten. This complaints procedure is here find. Complaints as referred to in article 1 of these office complaint regulations that are not resolved after treatment shall be submitted to the Limburg District Court, location Maastricht, subject to mandatory provisions regarding jurisdiction. If the complainant is of the opinion that a lawyer of Weening Strafrechtadvocaten B.V. acts or has acted contrary to the Rules of Conduct applicable to lawyers, the complainant may, if the process described in article 5 of the complaints procedure does not lead to a solution, submit the complaint to the competent Dean of the Bar Association.
  10. The legal relationship between the firm and its clients shall be governed by Dutch law. Only the Dutch courts shall have jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise between the firm and a client.
  11. These general conditions also apply to additional assignments and follow-up assignments from the client.