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What is theft?

Theft, simply put, is deliberately taking away something that belongs to another, without being entitled to it. Thus, the person guilty of theft must have had at least intent to steal something that belongs to another.Examples of theft include:

What punishment can you face for theft?

In cases of "simple" theft, the judge may impose a prison sentence of four years or a fine of over €20,000. Under certain circumstances, the criminal court may impose harsher penalties. For example, if you committed the theft with another person, you risk a six-year prison sentence. Other maximum penalties also apply if burglary or theft by force is involved. We can find out for you whether there are any aggravating circumstances in your criminal case. Feel free to contact us contact on.

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Why hire a lawyer if you are suspected of theft?

A theft conviction can affect your future. For example, you may have problems obtaining a VOG. Therefore, if you are suspected of theft, it is wise to contact an experienced criminal lawyer. Your attorney can find out for you whether your criminal case involves special circumstances. Based on your case file, we will look for the best defense strategy in your criminal case. This can prevent unpleasant consequences in the future. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities in your criminal case to discuss.

What is the difference between theft and embezzlement?

The difference between theft and blackout is that a thief takes the good away, while an embezzler already has legal possession of the good. As an example, if you take a book from a library without permission, it is theft. When you borrow the same book from the library and then knowingly do not return the book, it is embezzlement.

What is the difference between theft and handling?

Theft involves someone intentionally taking something that belongs to another person, when they have no right to it. A thief will often want to resell the stolen property to make a quick buck. To combat theft, the legislature has healing criminalized. You are guilty of receiving, having in your possession or transferring goods when you knew (or should have known) at the time of acquiring the goods that they had been stolen. Thus, if you buy a bicycle, which you know to be stolen, you are guilty of receiving stolen goods. But the same is true when you buy a bicycle from a homeless person for 30 euros, which turns out to be stolen. In that case, you should have suspected that the bicycle was stolen.

Have you received a transaction proposal or criminal charge?

In cases of theft, the prosecution will often choose not to take your criminal case to a criminal court, but instead handle the case itself. This can then be done through a transaction proposal or a criminal. You may also be invited to a OM hearing. You run the risk of a criminal record in all of these cases. Your lawyer may be able to avoid these adverse consequences. Please contact us without obligation at the earliest possible stage.

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