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" What matters to me is not what you did, but whether it can be proven. "

After studying criminal law at the University of Maastricht (2003), Serge Weening laid the foundation for his career in criminal law with Mr. Max Moszkowicz Sr. As the great master's last trainee lawyer, he learned the intricacies of the profession there. He gained several years of experience in a wide variety of criminal cases, after which he broadened his knowledge by attending the specialization course in criminal law (2010) at the Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law Sciences which is part of Utrecht University.

Over the years, he has served as criminal lawyer been involved in many major criminal cases throughout the Netherlands. He has extensive experience defending defendants in "murder cases" and he has special expertise in terms of terrorism.

Mr. Weening also has an affinity for real estate and corporate criminal law. He has regularly acted for entrepreneurs in fraud cases and officials suspected of corruption. Because he values legal depth, in 2018 he attended the Leergang Financial and Economic Criminal Law at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Mr. Weening shares his experience within the firm and has mentored several promising young criminal lawyers in recent years as a patron. In addition, he regularly provides courses and lectures to other criminal lawyers.

Since 2022, Mr. Weening has been a deputy justice at Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal. From experience he therefore knows how a judicial opinion is formed and can put himself in the judge's shoes. Mr. Weening takes this experience with him when determining the defense strategy, allowing for an optimal defense in every case.

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Serge Weening has registered the following main (and sub) areas of law in the Register of Jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association:

Criminal Law


By virtue of this registration, he is required to obtain ten training points in each registered principal area of law each calendar year according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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