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1. Prosecution Cassation Desk

cassation appeal

cassation appeal

Our specialized criminal lawyers have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in filing cassation appeals for your criminal case in the Supreme Court. When it comes to defending your rights and obtaining a just result, we are here for you.

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cassation lawyer criminal law

cassation lawyer criminal law

A cassation lawyer is a highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who specializes in proceedings at the Supreme Court, the highest court in the Netherlands. Going into cassation means that you appeal against a ruling of a lower court, where you need sound legal advice and assistance. The expertise of a cassation lawyer is indispensable here, because this specialized field requires you as a lawyer to have in-depth knowledge of procedural law and casuistry. In short, if you want to go into cassation, it is very important that you hire an experienced and expert cassation lawyer to assist you throughout the process.


If you are not satisfied with the current situation and feel the need to go to cassation, you can rely on our expert approach as a cassation lawyer for your criminal case.

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2. a criminal law attorney for your cassation case

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The cassation desk!
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Have your criminal case reconsidered by our team of cassation specialists.
If there's something in there, we'll take it out!

Weening Criminal Lawyers is the only law firm in the Netherlands with a cassation desk: a department where our specialized cassation lawyers deal with cassation cases at the Supreme Court. We only handle cassation cases in criminal law.

When you register your case with our cassation desk, it is thoroughly reviewed by one of our specialists. This will give you an expert, realistic and reliable view of your case. Thereafter, your case will be discussed within the team of cassation lawyers. In this way, your case will be examined from multiple perspectives. If, in our estimation, your case lends itself to filing cassation pleas, these pleas will be drafted by two lawyers specialized in cassation. Together, both attorneys will seek the best possible outcome from your case.

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What is unique about the cassation desk is that for a fixed fee, we look at whether your criminal case is suitable for filing a cassation petition with the Supreme Court. In addition, the lawyers at the cassation desk consult weekly on current cases, so that your case will always receive the attention of a full team of cassation specialists. They are also aware of the latest developments in legislation and case law. Two of the lawyers at the cassation desk are members of the leading association of cassation specialists in the Netherlands. VCAS. Our cassation lawyers have filed numerous successful cassation appeals in their years of experience.

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Erik Maessen criminal lawyer passport photo - Weening Criminal Lawyers
Erik Maessen
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Stijn van Merm
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Tommy Streets


Do you disagree with a ruling of the criminal court and want to appeal in cassation? Then call in our cassation desk. We will look at the possibilities in the cassation phase. An initial consultation is of course free of charge and without obligation.

Also for lawyers!

Are you a lawyer yourself and do you have a client who would like to appeal in cassation, but you do not conduct cassation cases yourself? Then call in our specialized cassation desk! They will look into the possibilities for your client at the cassation stage. If the case is referred back to a court of fact, you can of course take up the case yourself. Clear agreements will be made with you and the client beforehand.

If you regularly refer criminal cases to us, it is possible to enter into a favorable arrangement with us. For more information, please contact Erik Maessen.


Of course, our cassation desk assists defendants on an adjunct basis. This is also known colloquially as 'pro bono'. If you qualify for this, you only have to pay a contribution. The remaining costs are paid for you by the Legal Aid Board.

Are you not eligible for an addition? Then we can offer you an attractive fixed fee of € 750, - excluding VAT for the work of the cassation desk. For this fee we dive into your criminal file and look at all possibilities in the cassation phase. If, in our professional opinion, there are possibilities to file appeals in cassation, we will contact you. We will then make an additional price arrangement with you, in which the already paid amount of € 750 is of course deducted.

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