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Years of human trafficking investigation

The Justice Department spent years tapping phones and talking to witnesses in a major human trafficking investigation. How did the suspects operate?

From southern Limburg, for years, trafficking of underage Nigerian teenagers was organized. In and around the province, they were exploited in the sex industry. This is the conclusion of the Justice Department after years of investigation. At least six underage teenagers from Nigeria were forced into prostitution in recent years by main suspects Peggy A.(28) from Almere, Blessing I.(26) from Riemst and Johan M. from Eindhoven after a voodoo ritual.The court had reserved this week for hearing the criminal case, but the lawyers put a stop to that. The service of John's summons was not valid, Peggy A. did not understand her interpreter and the lawyers needed more preparation time now that their clients have also been charged with human trafficking. At the defense's request, A.-who was still detained-was released until the hearing, despite the danger of flight that prosecutor Anneke Rogier seriously fears. It is a good thing that the lawyers are now firing plenty of shots at the judiciary, because according to sources in the police and judiciary, it will be difficult during the substantive hearing. The case is said to be well-founded. Justice has tapped phone calls and even interviewed witnesses in Nigeria and Canada. So far, only how the victims obtained passports has been discussed. At that hearing it did become a little clear how A. and her associates worked.

The story began for the Justice Department with a tip on April 8, 2009. One Peggy, Nigerian herself, had for some time been bringing Nigerian girls to the Netherlands to work in the sex industry. In Afroshop Mama Bee, a hair salon on the Boschstraat in Maastricht, she would steal passports from Negroid women legally living in the Netherlands. For example, for a monthly payment of 150 euros, she borrowed the passport of Isabelle S.(27). During a stopover in Italy, the girls underwent a voodoo ritual with one P.. He then sent them to Charleroi Airport. Through the barbershop in the Boschstraat, they received a passport to "legally" enter prostitution.

Many will probably think back to the big brawl July 11 last year between barbers Afro Shop Giselle and Karel's barbershop. The barbers themselves said it was about jealousy. Whether this is really the reason, police could not say yesterday. Either way, prosecutor Anneke Rogier is not yet assuming that there is a link between that barbershop war and human trafficking. Through Mama Bee, the underage prostitutes were not only given passports to avoid falling through during checks. Isabelle S. was suggested smuggling drugs and entering into a marriage of convenience. The prostitutes allegedly made Peggy work in brothels in South Limburg, Belgium, Eindhoven and in Aachen.Chauffeur Jef H. brought them here.When the suspects must now appear is not yet known.

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