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Trackless drug boss was threatened (

SCHINVELD - The drug boss Mouhammed Al J. (29) from Schinveld, Limburg, who has been missing since August 5 of this year, appears to have been seriously threatened shortly before his disappearance. This would have had to do with a conflict about the cannabis trade that had gotten out of hand, according to family members and friends of the Iraqi born.

According to relatives of Mouhammed Al J., he was threatened a day before his disappearance for allegedly being dissatisfied with a weed deal and therefore going rogue. Shortly thereafter, Al J. disappeared without a trace. His car was found with the keys in the ignition near a recreation park in Stein.

The investigation by the criminal investigation department focuses, among other things, on the father of Al J.'s girlfriend with whom, according to those close to him, he had an argument over (cannabis) money. According to them, the man would also be behind the threat. The Telegraph previously reported on the mysterious disappearance of car dealer Al J.

Police and judicial authorities seriously believe that Mouhammed Al J. has been the victim of a serious crime. However, insiders from the criminal circuit claim that Al J. was allegedly kidnapped to a city somewhere in Poland where he has been held for several weeks.

Limburger Mouhammed al J. was sentenced in 2006 along with his brothers to years in prison for hostage-taking, prohibited possession of weapons, threats, international drug trafficking and membership in a criminal organization.

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