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Sittard-Geleens councilor accused of insulting (former) alderman Meekels in appeal case over defamation (

Sittard-Geleen / Den Bosch - City councilor Sergio Klein is facing a new charge: in addition to libel now also insulting the then alderman Pieter Meekels. The case has a long history, it appears on appeal.

Councilmember Sergio Klein was acquitted of defamation late last year after he called (now former) alderman Pieter Meekels (GOB) a "pathological liar who goes over corpses to hide his lies" on Facebook. On Monday, the appeal in the case was heard at the court of appeal in Den Bosch. In it, attorney general Wilfred Suijkerbuijk filed a new charge against Klein: insult. He demanded forty hours of community service.

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