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Interlocutory court stops residential closure in Heerlen (

Residential closure for 12 months due to discovery of trade quantity of hard drugs and soft drugs in a shed. Granted request for injunctive relief by suspending the primary decision until six weeks after publication of the decision on objection. The official report of findings does not show where the hard drugs were found. The Respondent will have to inquire into this. The Respondent has not sufficiently justified the need for the closure. Furthermore, in the context of the question of whether the closure is proportionate, the defendant will have to give proper reasons in the decision on the objection yet to be taken as to what reproach the applicant, who is affected by the closure, is being made because it has not been shown that the applicant had any involvement in the drugs found. The consequences of the closure are not sufficiently clear at this stage of the proceedings. In the decision on objection yet to be made, the respondent will have to go into more detail about the substantiation of his financial situation to be provided by the applicant in the appeal proceedings. The preliminary relief judge made a provisional provision that the primary decision was suspended until six weeks after the announcement of the decision on the objection.

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