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Penitentiary law

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What is penitentiary law?

Penitentiary law governs the enforcement of sentences and measures. If you are detained within a prison or house of detention, you will have to deal with the rules of penitentiary law. Colloquially, this is also known as detention law. Whether it is the denial of a furlough request, misdelivered groceries, placement in solitary confinement or issues surrounding detention phasing: for someone confined between four prison walls or residing in an inpatient facility, these types of issues are order of the day and, for that reason, of great importance. If you feel that you are not being treated properly or that rules are not being followed in prison, we can help you take legal action.

Where is penitentiary law regulated?

Penitentiary law is divided between various laws and regulations. This makes it not always easy to find out what your rights are and what legal procedures are open in your case. Our lawyers can inform and advise you about this. The main sources of penitentiary law are:

  • The Penitentiary Institutions Act (PBW).
  • The Penitentiary Measure (PM).
  • Regulation of Selection, Placement and Transfer of Prisoners (Regulation SPOG).
  • Regulation of Temporary Abandonment of Establishment (RTVI).
  • Beginswet verpleging ter beschikking gestelden (BvT).
  • Juvenile Justice Institutions Act (Bjj).
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What are common issues that detainees face?

Inside prison walls, it is important to know what your rights are. Even more important is knowing what legal action you can take if you believe your rights are being violated. Therefore, we have listed some common issues within the prison system for you.

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