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Law professor: 'Don't pay corona fine' (

People who were fined for violating the emergency ordinance imposed because of the corona outbreak had better not pay it. This is stated by professor of general law Jan Brouwer in Dit is de Dag. Basic rights of citizens, he says, are being restricted too rigorously. "Necessity breaks the law, but not the Constitution," says Brouwer. "That ban on meetings is a direct violation of your fundamental right to assemble."

The rules also lead to legal inequality, according to Brewer, because they differ from one security region to another. And even if the rules are the same in regions, there is no guarantee that they will be enforced the same way everywhere. "If you have lunch together in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam at a distance of one and a half meters, there is nothing wrong. In Nijmegen's Kronenburgpark, with the same rules, you are guaranteed a fine."

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