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The Penitentiary Institution (PI) Achterhoek consists of the Ooyerhoek location in Zutphen.

The Penitentiary Institution (PI) Achterhoek, also known as Ooyerhoek, is located in Zutphen. PI Achterhoek has room for 204 inmates and both the destination of prison and House of Detention. The facility also has an EZV and ISD department. EZV is the abbreviation of Extra Care Facility. This ward houses inmates who cannot function in a regular ward because they need extra care and supervision. ISD stands for institution for habitual offenders. These are so-called habitual offenders who have received an ISD order from the court for up to two years. The period of detention is used to address the often complex addiction and possible psychological problems of the ISD offender.

Contact details PI Achterhoek - Zutphen

Postal address

PI Achterhoek
P.O. Box 4025
7200 BA Zutphen

Tel: 088 07 36500

Visiting address

Extended Ooyerhoekseweg 21
7207 BJ Zutphen

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