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Breakthrough murder of murdered drug boss (

MAASTRICHT - Police and justice in Limburg seem to have made a breakthrough in the investigation into the murder of drug boss Mouhammed al Jader (29) from Schinveld, Limburg. His brother-in-law M. L. (25) and his brother M., who is five years younger, have been arrested. Almost certainly the two played a crucial role in Al Jader's disappearance.

This brings the total number of suspects detained in the case to four, justice spokeswoman Cindy Reijnders confirmed to De Telegraaf. The investigation services in the south of our country have mostly focused their attention on Al Jader's in-laws.

Indeed, Al Jader's mother-in-law (57) and father-in-law were recently arrested. The latter has since been released, but he remains a suspect in the case. Mouhammed Al Jader, who was active in the cannabis trade, disappeared on Aug. 5. Last week, parts of his body were recovered near the Belgian town of Lanaken.

The car dealer appears to have been shot dead in a residence in Germany, the home of his mother-in-law just across the border near Schinveld. The investigators got on the trail of Al Jader's remains on the lead of suspect number five in the case: 52-year-old R. from our country who lives in Belgium. He, too, is in custody.

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