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Two gruesome murders: Bill C. gets 30 and Sharona almost 23 years in prison (

Bill C. from Rosmalen received 30 years in prison for the murders of Willem van der Willigen (70) from Lieshout and Benito van Ommeren (65) from Amsterdam. His girlfriend, Sharona de J., with whom he roamed the country for weeks killing and robbing like some kind of Bonnie and Clyde got 22 years and 11 months for her part. "An ultimate lack of respect," the court ruled.

First, former construction worker Bill C. (52) killed former Vlisco CEO Willem van der Willigen in Lieshout in May 2021. Six weeks later, he committed another murder, of Benito van Ommeren (65) in Amsterdam. Sharona de J. (34) assisted in those murders, the court finds, and she cared for the victims' money and belongings. In total, the two looted nearly a ton, which they spent in expensive hotels and on luxury goods and hard drugs.

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