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HEERLEN - The world boxing champion Gevorg K. from Heerlen, suspected of human trafficking and extortion, will "report to justice in the near future." That is what K'.s lawyer Serge Weening announced last night. Justice typified K. and two co-defendants as fugitives yesterday. But according to his counsel, the boxer, "has not been on the run for a second, because he has nothing else to fear and he knows he has no part in this case." Justice confirmed that an agreement has since been made with K.'s lawyer that the suspect will report in the very near future.

K. was released at large several weeks ago, but the judge ruled yesterday morning that he should be detained again anyway. The 23-year-old Armenian-born K. was arrested in June after taking a Heerlen man hostage and extorting him. That happened a few days after the boxer won his world title in the boxing federation's super-middleweight division at the Rodahal in Kerkrade. K. and two co-defendants did not appear in court yesterday morning. At that hearing, the prosecution demanded that the early release ordered by the court last September of the suspects be reversed. Justice has since added to the indictment the (sexual) exploitation of another three women. Although the three women themselves deny they were victims, the prosecution says it has several leads that they were.

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