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Stijn van Merm joins NVJSA board

With the April 19, 2024 ALV behind us, the new association year has begun again. At the ALV we said goodbye to the highly valued board members Karin de Lange and Menco Rasterhoff. They have worked very hard for the NVJSA for the past three years and we are very grateful for that! Last Friday they were both appointed members of merit.

Niels Genemans will serve as NVJSA president for the next year. Luce Smithuijsen is our new vice president. The vacant board spots will be filled by no less than three worthy successors. New to the board are: Puck Metgod, Mohamed Rafik and Stijn van Merm. Puck and Mohamed will hold the position of general member, Stijn is our new secretary.

Stijn van Merm


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