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Prosecutor demands 25 years and life in prison for Lieshout and Amsterdam murders (

DEN BOSCH - The Public Prosecutor's Office on Friday demanded a life sentence against 52-year-old Bill C. and 25 years in prison against 34-year-old trans woman Sharona de J. The pair stood trial in Den Bosch District Court for the murder of Brabant businessman Willem van der Willigen (70) and for the death of Amsterdam resident Benito van Ommeren (65). Both were brutally killed in 2021.

Bill C. beat businessman Willem van der Willigen to death with a hammer in his spacious villa in Lieshout in early May 2021 while he was sleeping. At the time of the murder, C.'s girlfriend, transsexual sex worker Sharona de J. was staying with Van der Willigen. The businessman, once financial director of textile concern Gamma Holding, was a client of De J. When she did not have a place to live, he offered her (temporary) accommodation.

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