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Krystian M. looks like he runs a criminal employment agency for violence (Parool Crime Podcast)

Krystian M., who the judiciary says remotely directed the murder of Peter R. de Vries via a smartphone, appears to play a key role in many more criminal cases. Crime journalists Wouter Laumans and Paul Vugts on the Polish connection. 'He seems to run a criminal employment agency for violence.' Also in the 26Woltz criminal case, in which the justice department is demanding sentences of up to seven years for five Poles who were allegedly brought to the Netherlands to build 'a Polish mafia' here, M.'s name falls as a client. Paul Vugts: "In all these expanding criminal cases, pieces of the puzzle keep popping up. The prosecution is not only trying to look at the executors, but each time one step up: who was the intermediary, and who is the ultimate client. If the orders came from Ridouan Taghi, how did it happen? Via Youssef Taghi and his cousin Jaouad F. to Krystian M.?" According to Laumans and Vugts, these cases are not just about punishment; they are also about truth-telling. "Even if Taghi already gets a life sentence in Marengo, the prosecution still wants to color the whole picture." Laumans: "Justice and police are rounding up many cases in the Netherlands and abroad. Paul and I expect a busy fall."

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