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Limburg District Court

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Limburg District Court

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The district (working area) of the District Court of Limburg covers the entire province of Limburg. The relevant regions and municipalities can be found on the Case Allocation page. There you will also find the case distribution regulations of the District Court of Limburg (, which states which cases are heard at which location.

The court has jurisdiction in its district to administer justice in the first instance. This means that the court is the first authority to render a legal opinion on a case or conflict. After that, a litigant can appeal. The appeal cases of the Limburg district are heard by the Court of Appeal of 's-Hertogenbosch, the Central Appeals Council (social security and civil service cases) or the Council of State (other administrative law cases, except tax cases).

The Limburg District Court has two (court) locations:

  • Maastricht (this is also the seat of the court administration)
  • Roermond

The Limburg District Court employs approximately 520 employees, including 120 judges. For more information on the composition of the board and departments and teams, see the Organization page.

Contact details Court of Limburg

Visiting address Maastricht

Saint Annadal 1
6214 PA Maastricht

Tel: 088 361 22 22

Visiting address Roermond

Willem II Singel 67
6041 HR Roermond

Opening hours Central Desk

Monday-Friday: 8:30-17:00 a.m.

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