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Gelderland District Court

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Gelderland court contact

The district of District Court Gelderland includes the municipalities listed below. For subdistrict cases (cases up to an amount of 25,000 euros, labor cases, rental cases, consumer purchase cases and consumer credit cases with a credit up to 40,000 euros) the division below applies. For the classification of all other cases across locations, see the case distribution regulations (

The Gelderland District Court has more than 160 judges. Together with approximately 600 employees, they handle some 175,000 legal cases each year. They do so expertly and adequately, with an eye for the interests of the individual litigant. The court has 4 locations: Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Nijmegen and Zutphen. The 'case allocation regulations' ( state which cases are handled at which location.

With digital courtrooms in three locations, the court is prepared for the future. The judiciary is modernizing and digital litigation is becoming the norm. In that process, the Gelderland District Court wants to be a vital organization, with continued attention to both its own employees and the litigant.

Contact details Court of Gelderland

Visiting address Arnhem

Walburgstraat 2-4
6811 CD Arnhem

Tel: 088 361 20 00

Visiting address Zutphen

Martinetsingel 2
7201 DT Zutphen

Visiting address Apeldoorn

Station Street 104
7311 MJ Apeldoorn

Visiting address Nijmegen

Orangesingel 56
6511 NW Nijmegen

Opening hours Central Desk

Monday-Friday: 8:30-17:00 a.m.

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