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The PI Lelystad executes sentences for men 18 years and older, divided between long-term detainees, detainees, self-reporters and House of Detention. The total capacity of the facility is 616 places, to be divided into arrestee places, prison places (some of which are places Limited Secure Regime, BBI) and places House of Detention (HvB).

As a Penitentiary Institution (PI), we adhere to strict security rules. At busy times, this may mean some delay. Please keep this in mind when determining your travel time.

Advice: please be present at least 30 minutes before the start of the visit. We count on your understanding of our access procedure.

Contact details PI Lelystad

Postal address

PI Lelystad
P.O. Box 2170
8203 AD Lelystad

Tel: 08807 40300

Visiting address

Larserdreef 300
8233 HB Lelystad

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