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Frenkie P. (50), front man Bende van Venlo and longest-serving man in the Netherlands, trades prison for tbs clinic (

Oostrum/Venlo - The Frenkie P. (50) from Venlo, sentenced to life imprisonment, will be leaving the prison in Sittard for tbs clinic De Rooyse Wissel in Oostrum this month.

This is confirmed by several sources to The Limburger. With his transfer to the clinic, the leader of the Venlo Gang just missed his "prison anniversary"; he has been in prison since May 8, 1994, so this year would be exactly thirty years in detention. No prisoner in our country has been behind bars as long as Frenkie P. He has been convicted for seven life crimes. The Venlo native himself denies six of them and states of the seventh that it was not murder, but manslaughter.

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