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Suspect of apartment murder blurts out in prison (

22-year-old Moussa O. of The Hague is still suspected of involvement in the murder of Jack Koker.
To a police informant, he stated in prison that he fought with Koker because the latter "wanted something to do with his girlfriend. On Friday, the suspect was given the opportunity to provide more clarification, but he invoked his right to remain silent three times.

O. will therefore not be released for the time being, as his lawyer Sjanneke de Crom requested the Maastricht court on Friday. He is considered a suspect together with D.H. (41). Earlier, O. was only suspected of theft with violence.

Murder weapon

The forensic investigation into the death of 55-year-old Koker on May 27 in his apartment in the Koningsplein flat will be further expanded in the coming months. Many questions remain open, such as whether the knife found in the apartment is the murder weapon and whose traces are further on the knife. The situation on the fatal night will also be reenacted to see if the statements of O. and the second suspect D.H. are true.

Drug checkout

It did become known during the pro forma hearing Friday that O. was in Koker's home with his girlfriend and H. to use cocaine. At one point the drugs had to be paid to Koker and that was a problem. H. first left with O.'s bank card to withdraw money and when it turned out that there was not enough money in the account he went to withdraw money with O.'s girlfriend's card. She too did not have enough funds. A brawl ensued in the apartment, according to prosecutor David van Kuppeveld because the three tried to get out of the house.


O. and his girlfriend arrived at O.'s family in The Hague upset after Koker's murder. His girlfriend, who is not a suspect, left for Greece. If O. is released provisionally, the court fears that he too will go to Greece, where his family lives. The investigation will continue for several months.

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