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After conviction for shooting death Andy de Heus, other suspects go free (

Echt/Sittard - The Justice Department has dismissed the cases against four suspects in the investigation into the death of Andy de Heus. After more than eleven years, this almost puts an end to the investigation. Almost, because Tony N. is officially still a suspect.

Ronnie S. (55) from Sittard was sentenced on appeal in February of this year to seventeen years in prison for manslaughter. He confessed to having shot his former business partner - De Heus and he ran a hemp farm together for years - in 2012 in a vacation home in Stevensweert. Justice was banking on murder for years, but the district court and court of appeal saw no evidence of a premeditated plan. The prosecution did not appeal, so the conviction for Ronnie S. has been irrevocable since February.

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