Für dringende Fälle sind unsere Anwälte 24 Stunden pro Tag verfügbar in den gesamten Niederlanden

Für dringende Fälle 24/7

Webcast Anhörung der Großen Kammer - Van der Heijden gegen die Niederlande

Public hearings

All the public hearings of the Court are all filmed and broadcast on the Court’s website. Hearings held in the morning can normally be viewed as of 2.30 p.m., while afternoon hearings are available at the end of the day, barring technical difficulties.

Thanks to the support provided by Ireland, all the Court’s public hearings since 2007 have been filmed and can be viewed in their entirety, with interpretation in French and English.

On account of the COVID-19 pandemic, some hearings may be held by video-conference, by decision of the President of the Grand Chamber or the relevant Chamber.

Der Rechtsanwalt, der den/die Angeklagten in dieser Strafsache unterstützt, ist:

Serge Weening


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