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Justice investigates lawyer Guy Weski after filing 'falsified' invoice in Limburg criminal case (

Kerkrade / Rotterdam - Justice is investigating lawyer Guy Weski (42), who allegedly submitted a forged hotel invoice to provide client Mateo Z. (49) - suspected of a deadly street robbery in Kerkrade - with an alibi.

Investigative sources confirm this to De Limburger. The Justice Department is investigating the Rotterdam lawyer in connection with "forgery. Weski has not been arrested, but has since resigned the defense of Mateo Z. The dean of the Rotterdam Bar Association, Peter Hanenberg, is investigating the case. "The matter has my attention," he confirms in an e-mail to De Limburger. "Because of my professional secrecy and that of Master Weski, I am not at liberty to make public announcements about the contents of the case. Further investigation should be done first." The Justice Department has been asked for a response, but says it does not want to answer any questions.

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Serge Weening


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